10 thoughts on “The unveiling…”

  1. Amazing cover Melanie !!!!! I am very happy for u !!!! Beautiful color combination write nicely with large font for Shadow and Past……. Really very beautiful…… Aidana has done really a wonderful job !!!!

  2. Thanks Janice! I am thrilled.

    I agree with you Grace, Aidana has done a fabulous job of capturing the essence of my book with this evocative and beautiful cover.

    Ananda, looking forward to when you read and review(?) my book.

    Thanks Beverly! It is gorgeous and if Aidana was closer I would give her a huge hug!

  3. Love the font that’s been used on your cover Melanie! Aidana has done a brilliant job for you. You must be so thrilled at becoming a published author and I bet you can’t wait to hold that first book in your hands!

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