Another Scene of the Crime Mystery Festival has come to an end…

After thunderstorms and chances of rain predicted for today, the weather cooperated and the sun stayed out all day. Best of all, it wasn’t as humid as its been in previous years so it wasn’t as uncomfortable inside the venues. It was great to renew acquaintances with fellow attendees from previous years and catch up with authors I’ve met on other occasions. And I met some new authors, too.

We left the mainland from the ferry dock in Kingston filled with anticipation of what the day would bring. What we didn’t know was Scene of the Crime was competing with a music festival.

My wee black car squeezed in between a Merc and a Mazda on the ferry dock on the mainland.
The windmills on Wolfe Island
Approaching the ferry dock in the village of Marysville on Wolfe Island

After a meet and greet with the authors and the Grant Allen award winning members of The Ladies Killing Circle, we made our way to the first venue (United Church) where four authors read from their works. Since we were there in plenty of time, I took the opportunity to buy some books.

Author Thomas Rendell-Curran
YA Author Y.S. Lee
Author D.J. McIntosh
Author John Moss
All of the authors and festival president Violette Malan

After a delicious church lunch, everyone had a chance to get their books signed by the authors and visit with old and new friends before making the trek to the Anglican Church where the authors we enjoyed reading from their works in the morning session, held a panel discussion led by author Vicki Delany.

D.J. McIntosh, Y.S. Lee, Thomas Rendell Curran, John Moss and Vicki Delany
Y.S. Lee answering one of the questions posed by Vicki

A Q&A session followed the author panel before we adjourned for a short break to allow the “ladies” to get into their glad rags and ready for their turn. The Grant Allen award is a handcrafted kaleidoscope. And normally there is only one presented. But since six lovely ladies make up the killing circle – six of these beautiful handcrafted items were crafted in the shape of a stick pen, all in presentation boxes in the shape of books.

The Ladies Killing Circle – Mary Jane Maffini, Linda Wiken, Barbara Fradkin, Joan Boswell, Sue Pike and Vicki Cameron
Mary Jane Maffini wrapping up the Ladies Killing Circle discussion before the presentation of the awards

Another delicious meal served up by the church ladies rounded up the day accompanied by the presentation of the short story contest winners (no, I didn’t enter this year… too tied up with edits for that) but I did tell people we sat with at various times throughout the day that my novel was coming out next month.

One of the books I bought today was the one that Y.S. (Ying) Lee read the prologue from. Well my husband was so drawn in to the story, that by the time we left the island, he’d read the first six chapters! That’s quite the achievement. Usually, he only reads tech manuals, computer books, magazines and newspapers. So him getting drawn into a novel is huge! Who knows, maybe eventually, he’ll pick mine up and read it.

With the music festival and the ferry schedule being interrupted to bring an ambulance across and back to the mainland again, things weren’t as orderly and on time as usual.

Normally, there isn’t a police presence on the island (so we heard) but when we got to the ferry dock, a police cruiser was parked next to the building. When the ferry approached, the officer driving pulled the car to the parking spot at the head of the queue.

Waiting for our ferry to the mainland
Fort Henry
Royal Military College or RMC as its better known by

All in all, it was a great day and I can’t wait until next year’s festival.

7 thoughts on “Another Scene of the Crime Mystery Festival has come to an end…”

  1. Hey there, it sounds like you had a beautiful day on the Island! Lots of talent and sharing of information. Great Pictures as well.

  2. Hi Melanie,
    U took beautiful pictures !! Sounds like u had a great time there. Perfect !! Very good and informative explanation of the event.

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