Another NaNoWriMo update

The last two days haven’t been kind to me in the writing of my NaNo project. My last good day of writing was Monday. Since then, I’ve not written a single word unless you count a blog post I started this morning (scheduled to go live on 30th November) – 280 words, another that went live a short time ago celebrating Bram Stoker’s 165th birthday – 70 words –  and now this one.

I’m hoping to get back on track maybe later today but more apt to be this weekend. Even then, it won’t be until Sunday since I’m away all day Saturday at a “how to be your own publicist” workshop put on by the Writers’ Union of Canada.

This post 115 words excluding this sentence.


4 thoughts on “Another NaNoWriMo update”

  1. It’s a tough challenge and you’re bound to have good days and bad days. You’ll catch up, I know you will. Good luck with all your other exciting ventures, Mel, you rock! x

  2. Hang in there Melanie !! I am pretty sure u will do it !! Go for it !! I wish u good luck with ur writing !!! Amen !!

  3. Doing my best, Grace. Just every now and then, life throws you a curve ball. At least the thoughts have been percolating up in the grey matter so it’s now a matter of getting them from up there into the manuscript or a separate file to be inserted later.

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