4 thoughts on “Love is in the air…”

  1. Happy V-Day, Mel! I’ll be cooking surf’n’turf, Dan style, for my OH who likes it… Dan style (sans salad). We’ll do the proper romantic night-out at the weekend when the kids are at the grandparents….

  2. Hi Melanie – and happy Valentines! We are snowed in at the moment so today I’m going to make my real life a hero his favourite cake and ice it with a chocolate heart. The way to my man’s heart is definitely via his tummy!

    Janice xx

  3. We’re not snowed in at the moment but Mr MR-K and I have decided to wait and go out after the opening draw of the Canadian Women’s Curling Championships in Kingston. Your cake with the heart on it for Mr JH sounds romantic. You two have a lovely evening. xx

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