It’s Read an E-Book Week!

I have to admit being late to the “party”. I didn’t even know it was Read an E-book week! And to be honest – I didn’t even know such a week existed, but I am glad it does.

Coincidentally (or not) since I’m a book lover, I started reading the ebook Voodoo Wedding by Scottish author (and my friend), Janice Horton.

With the number of devices available, we’re spoiled for choice. Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and iPad, e-book retailers, amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, the Sony Store, Diesel, iBooks, and more, not to mention direct from the publishers’ websites in many cases.

But what titles to put on your device? Why not check out the authors over at Loveahappyending Lifestyle, traditionally published, self-published in e-book and print. The group Famous Five Plus are primarily indie authors, although they did invite me to join them. Both of these groups cover a wide range of genres including Young Adult, Chick-lit, Mystery, Romance, Paranormal, Memoirs, Crime.

What are you reading?
What device do you have? If more than one, which one do you prefer?
And finally, print or e-book – what’s your preference?

2 thoughts on “It’s Read an E-Book Week!”

  1. Wow – thanks for the head up on Read an Ebook Week, Melanie – I didn’t know about it either. I love my Kindle. I have two – the older one with the keyboard and my new Kindle Fire. I still read paperbooks too, but I read more books on my Kindle. I love love love it. So I think this week should be called ‘Love an Ebook Week’!

    Janice xx

  2. I love my iPad and my Sony reader hardly ever sees the light of day anymore. Still I love real paper/ink physical tomes. I alternate between both.

    BTW, I finished Voodoo Wedding last night and loved it! Will post a review soon.

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