Bah Humbug!

Like it or not, whether I’m ready or not, Christmas is quickly approaching. Way too quickly. No motivation, desire, anticipation this year at all.

I spent last weekend printing, collating, punching and binding my homemade calendars that I do every year for my family here and abroad and wrote Christmas cards to go with them. That’s been the extent of my preparations for this year.

Last night when I got home from work, I printed labels for my domestic cards. I’m off today so the plan is to put the tree up and if time permits, get a bit of shopping done while I’m “alone”. But we’ll see how it goes.

I cancelled my nail appointment last Saturday because of being unwell (I wonder how long the cold/flu germs will live on those calendars I did?) so re-scheduled for after work on Tuesday. Of course, it picked Tuesday to snow. I made it there in time so there were no worries on that front. I was going to just get my usual French manicure done but the gal who did my nails insisted on giving me a design. So… here it is.

This is the original orientation of the photo I gook of my hand. I’m not sure how well the design shows up on some of my nails.

Hmmm… I should look pretty cute assembling and decorating the tree with a pair of blue mechanic’s latex gloves on. And why wear them? Who wants to damage these beautiful nails?

I don’t.

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