First Day of 2011

Well, here it is – the beginning of another year. Wonder what this one will have in store for me?

I managed to still be awake last night and see in the new year, which still has me boggled. I’m usually a-snooze on the couch long before that.

Not feeling very motivated so far. Got a roast into the crock pot for supper and have had my first coffee of the day. Soon will be starting the dismantling of the Christmas tree and removing all the other festive decorations.

And no video clip for the “Death of my Christmas Tree.” Only upbeat things.

One thought on “First Day of 2011”

  1. New Year will definitely have good surprise for u !! U will get what u want, u just have to keep going ….. and I know u would definitely find some motivation for this year too….. Amen !!

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