Better pictures of my new bling…

I tried again tonight  before starting supper with the bling in a ring box so I could put some more distance between me and it. I also took the pictures (again with my BlackBerry) in a better lit room so the flash didn’t go off.

Here are the “new and improved” pictures.

Mystic Fire Topaz

Mystic Fire Topaz

Not hard to tell that the photos were taken in a room under fluorescent light. I had the ring box in two different locations in the room trying to stay out of the glare of the lights but the colour of the first photograph is better.

Now I need to get down to working on my manuscript.

One thought on “Better pictures of my new bling…”

  1. Wow ! This is so pretty !! U must have fallen in love with this ring………
    VERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!

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