#AtoZChallenge – D is for Dumpsie Bite

Dumpsie Bite

Some of you may know them as “roly poly” but my grandmother always called them dumpsie bite and the name stuck. She made hers out of leftover pie crust because in her time, nothing ever went to waste. My mother followed in her tradition, as did I.

There is always a bit of crust left over after it’s been put in the pie pan and trimmed, so why waste it?

How to make a dumpsie bite…

Combine the leftover bits of pie crust then roll out flat. Depending on how much crust you have, is how big your dumpsie bite will be.

Spread butter evenly over the rolled out crust.

Sprinkle brown sugar over that.

dumpsie bite
Photo courtesy of everydaysisters.blogspot.com

Roll it up jelly roll fashion.

dumpsie bite
Photo courtesy of everydaysisters.blogspot.com

Seal the ends and put the dumpsie bite in a pie plate – bending it if necessary to get it to fit.

Bake it in the oven along with your pie and you’ve got a tasty treat to have with a glass of milk.

Check out more recipes at everydaysisters.blogspot.com.


13 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – D is for Dumpsie Bite”

  1. I don’t bake but I remember my mother making those. Sometimes she’d roll jam up in them, depending what she felt like at the moment, I imagine. I hadn’t thought about them in years, or that particular memory. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing it with us Melanie ! Looks yummy and made me feel hungry !!!

  3. Hi Melanie; my friend showed me these a long time ago. Sometimes we’d also put a few raisins & some cinnamon onto the dough, roll it up, then cut into circles like cinnamon rolls (only mini size). Bake & drizzle with a bit of icing sugar glaze. Sometimes they were better than the pie. LOL.

  4. That sounds delicious, Mary! I’m thinking I’m going to have to just make some of these and never mind the pie.

  5. I always use leftover pie crust to make something–usually I just fold the dough in half over a filling of butter, sugar and cinnamon. But I love the idea of rolling it up! Pie crust is so versatile…I should come up with some new ways to use it.

    Fun post! Thank you! 🙂

  6. Oh my. These sound so good, it would be worth to make crust just for this purpose!!

    Stopping by on the A to Z. Good luck with your challenge!

  7. hi, hopping blogs on the a to z challenge today. i perused all of your blogs entries and had to comment on this one.

    ooo! yummy! my mom makes pie dough cookies with our left over pie dough. she cuts the left overs into strips and sprinkles cinnamon and sugar over them and cooks it ’til the the dough is done, usually before it browns too much.

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