#AtoZChallenge – E is for Extraterrestrial


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For years, we’ve been led to believe in ‘little green men from Mars’ and lifeforms from other planets. But what if there really is something to these claims? The movie industry taken advantage of this and have made films to both entertain and frighten us to death.

E.T. was probably the best known of all the extraterrestrials to hit the big screen. Another loveable alien in the movies is Paul who hit the screen in 2011.

And The War of the Worlds on radio back in 1938, narrated and directed by Orson Welles. It caused quite the stir back then. More recently, Jeff Wayne set the program to music. It was serialized on the radio while my husband and I were on holiday in England in 2005. We were so enthralled by it, that before we flew home we purchased the CDs.

Here’s a portion of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

So is there life out there on other planets? What do you think?

7 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – E is for Extraterrestrial”

  1. Paul was quite the character, wasn’t he. I liked him a lot, too. Hope you enjoy my other posts here in the #AtoZChallenge.

  2. I think I liked the aliens from TV the best. The Azgard from Stargate were very intelligent and the Borg from Star Trek were very scary. Good choice for “E”!

  3. I know you posted about TV aliens and people are responding in kind, but I truly believe in extra terrestrial life. Not sure why they’d want to bother with us, but they do. Too many sightings and reports to paint them all as ‘strange’ or ‘misinformed’people.

  4. I can’t believe Earth is the only planet with life on it either, Dorothy. Too many unexplained phenomena out there. It had to come from somewhere. Do these extraterrestrials take on human form? Maybe. And maybe they’re walking among us now… unbeknownst to us mere mortals.

  5. I love this idea of aliens !! I personally believe that there are aliens somewhere on other planets and I guess we are alos aliens for them !!! UFOs have been seen at different times and places and that makes me believe that aliens are there too…

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