Canada Day 2015!

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Happy Canada Day!

It seems strange for a Bank Holiday to fall in the middle of the week but that’s where July 1st happened to land in 2015. So work for two days, celebrate Canada Day,  then go back to work for two more. celebrations in my hometown will be more special than in years gone by. I’m not evens sure what’s planned for today in my hometown of Brockville. Pretty sad isn’t it? Live here and don’t know what’s going on?

I’ve heard something about a straw-beary picnic at, I believe, Hardy Park and as in previous years, I’m guessing the day the day will end with a fireworks display.

Hoards of people will walk or drive by our house headed to the waterfront to watch the display and get eaten by mosquitoes which have been terrible so far this year. Us? We can walk across the street and see them from there (should we be so desirous).

I have some writing I NEED to get done and a book to finish reading and another to start and review. Maybe, I’ll spend the day doing that.

Where do you live in Canada? How will you celebrate the day?


4 thoughts on “Canada Day 2015!”

  1. Happy Canada Day.
    We’ve had mosquitoes this year too. So much rain. As the weather turns warmer they’ll be gone.

  2. Thanks Beverly! We were almost rid of the mosquitoes then it turned wet and they came back with a vengeance. It doesn’t help that the dog drags them back into the house on him either.

  3. Happy Canada Day Melanie !! I had a great time with family and went out to watch fireworks !! 🙂

  4. Thanks Grace. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I spent my day doing blog work but I enjoyed every bit of it.

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