Favourite Stuart #2

I finished reading Cold Granite yesterday. An excellent read. I can relate to the portrayal of winter time in Aberdeen. I’ve only been in the city on three occasions – all in the autumn – and it was cold and drizzled rain on the two latter ones. The first time, I only went from the bus station to the nearby bus stop to make my way out to the airport. It was sunny on that October day but mighty cold. Stuart didn’t exaggerate the icy wind coming in off the North Sea and chilling you to the bone. Add some moisture and you become a human icicle.

On our last trip into Aberdeen by train from where we were staying, we took at wrong turning when we got to Market St and I’m 99 44/100% certain we were in the red-light district mentioned in Stuart’s novel. Glad it was daytime. It was pretty scary not to mention cold. The sun actually shone for a wee bit but it was only a flash in the pan. In no time, it clouded over and drizzled. Dreich day for sure.

Call me a glutton for punishment but I want to be in Aberdeen in the winter. I want to be there for the Christmas lights switch-on and its related festivities, the Christmas tree lighting at the Castlegate, and the big Hogmanay party.

And on that note, Dying Light is next on my must read list of Stuart’s work.