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Normal service has been resumed…

After a few weeks of anguish, I’m thrilled to announce that normal service has been resumed at Celtic Connexions.

Things would have been difficult enough had we been at home when it was discovered that Celtic Connexions had been blocked by Google, but being abroad with spotty coverage and not staying in one place for more than a night, it was deemed best to maintain a low – no make that a NO profile – until we got home and got the mess sorted out.

We started out trying to solve the problem ourselves using Google’s Webmaster Tools but things were beyond it even.

So, I searched online using what else – Google – and discovered a company that would clean and monitor my site for an annual fee. I get a year of monitoring and cleaning and trust me, it’s money well-spent when you’re bashing your head against the wall. Check them out at Sucuri.

I signed up after I got home from work and by the following morning, things were back to normal – that is, until I crashed my blog. But after a reinstall of WordPress and an upload of my contents, things REALLY are back to normal… *mopping brow in relief*.

I hope you never find yourself in this situation, but if you do then I highly recommend Sucuri.