Bizarre weather

After a thunderstorm rolled through last night, this morning dawned bright and sunny. I wished I had the time this morning when I left for work. Running late like usual, so even though I had my small Kodak digital camera in my purse, I couldn’t take the time to go snap pictures. The fog, backlit by the sun, rising over the river was spectacular.

Earlier today some heavy rain accompanied by thunder rolled through. A couple of times, the weather forecast on the radio warned of grim weather coming our way. I had to check The Weather Network to confirm the local reports. Heavy rain, thunder, hail (stones large enough to cause damage), and high winds – possibly even tornadoes.

Up until about 10 minutes ago, the sun shone brightly. The clouds are starting to move in. For a brief time the winds picked up, too. Now all has settled down again… but for how long?