Taking A Step Back… Looking at The Big Picture

I’ve just found myself in such a place. I’m in the midst of all of the above. Have I added way too much detail? Can I still give this character what she wants but simplify it? Overall, I like the direction I’m going in. I’m just concerned over the amount of piddly-arse details that really don’t need to be there.

So, whilst I ponder my conundrum, I’m taking a step back and am going to enjoy the other past time that goes so well with writing… reading. Now I don’t like to read in the genre I’m writing in for fear of incorporating something from that in my work. So I’ve dusted off a crime novel by another favourite author of mine.

If when I’m reading, I’m struck with a profound revelation that will get me out of my predicament, I’ll go back to my manuscript and get it on “paper”.