Day 1 – Girls’ Weekend in Niagara Falls…

We weren’t sure what the day would bring since it rained heavily during the night. However, the weather was much better than predicted. We drove through a few showers on the way but nothing extreme. Even when we made our first trek from our hotel to the falls, it was dry…

Here we are above the falls

until we got close enough to Horseshoe Falls when the mist drifted over the sidewalks and dampened us. As you can see from our picture we’re a bit frizzy.

While in the portals behind the falls, a younger gentleman offered to take our picture. By that time I had discovered my wee Kodak camera had a backlight feature.

In one of the portals behind the falls

In return, I took his picture with his fancy digital SLR. It was very similar to my new one but I’m just barely getting to it so I couldn’t offer much help. It took a few tries but he found the backlight feature on his and I finally was able to get a good picture of him. He thanked me for being so patient and we parted company. In the meantime, my digital SLR was tucked safely under my lovely, yellow rain cape. After our falls adventure, including the Journey Behind the Falls, we walked through the gardens, the flowers in which were spectacular,


Rhododendrons in Queen Victoria Park

and worked our way to The Hard Rock Cafe where we enjoyed a couple of cold beer.






Enjoying pints at The Hard Rock Cafe

After returning to our room and fed with a pizza takeaway from Pizza Hut, washed down with a bottle of red wine, we went out on a trek to see the falls illuminated at night. We didn’t know a band was playing by the water and that there were to be fireworks at 10:00. Two tests were done but it was deemed to windy to hold them tonight.

The American falls at night
Horseshoe Falls at Night

Hopefully tomorrow night, the wind will be a bit less blustery and we’ll be able to see them, if they do them again.

We finished our night off at TGI Friday’s where we had a beer and shots. Good thing it’s only across the street from our hotel.

The view from our room at night

This is what we see when we open the curtains in our room on the sixth floor at night. |A good view of the strip and Clifton Hill.