Are you looking for someone who can do the things related to writing that you don’t have time for?

Look no further. Fellow member of the Ottawa Romance Writers Association, Linda Poitevin, also does freelance work in addition to writing Dark Urban Fantasies. If you’re in need of writing for web or print, editing for same, editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, or SEO optimization, Linda is the gal to turn to.

You can find Linda’s freelance site at and her author site at

Thousand Islands Writers Festival Workshops Cancelled

The May 7th workshops that I was so looking forward to (How to Find an Editor and Why You Need One and How to Write Effective Dialogue) have been cancelled due to low registration.

I’m sad and angry at the same time that the event didn’t get the support from the local writing community. The committee works hard all year to bring great authors in for readings and workshops for the spring and fall events.

Death Ship – yesterday’s reading

Fully charged Sony reader in my purse and Death Ship downloaded to it, I was ready for some lunch time reading yesterday. I admit for a brief moment I wondered if it was something best not read whilst eating but it was too late. I was already hooked!

Now, I’m counting the days until The Figurehead becomes available. The first chapter teaser drew me into the story immediately.