Launch day for Orange Petals in a Storm by author Niamh Clune

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Orange Petals in a Storm by Niamh Clune

Orange Petals in a Storm: A spiritual, inspirational story to feed the soul. In Skyla’s world, we find shelter from every hazard and outlive the longest night.

Skyla McFee, a bedraggled and bruised eleven-year-old child, races through the rain-drenched streets of East London as though the hounds of hell were after her. From whom does she run? What becomes of her once she arrives there? This is a story about a wonderful child who endures great suffering at the hands of her stepfather’s family. Though she lives in a harsh reality, she evolves spiritually despite and because of the hurt she suffers. The magical way in which she transcends her unbearable life transports us into the hauntingly beautiful world of the imagination. Telling you that Skyla triumphs over her situation is not a spoiler – because as you get to know her, you realise there is no other way. She must triumph because of who she is.

Orange Petals in a Storm is available for the Kindle from for £0.86, for $0.99 US and at Smashwords for the Kindle and other devices for $0.99 US.

Orange Petals in a Storm is now available in paperback from for $9.99 US.