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Rebels of Theta by Vickie Adair

Rebels of Theta, Book One in the Gods of Arth Trilogy, is Vickie Adair’s first science-fiction novel.

Under the two suns of the planet Theta, where food is a more precious commodity than life, the native inhabitants live and work submissive to the invading Seraphs and the Thetan Church. After a traumatizing event, Kara, a young Thetan girl, questions the legitimacy of the Seraphs and the honesty of the Church. She makes a horrifying discovery at the Seraph camp, putting her life is in danger. Finding unexpected help from Wer, the outcast, she and some of her people rebel against the Seraphs and even against some of their own people dedicated to Church law, unleashing the human struggle with the question of “faith.” And to complicate matters, she falls in love.

Cover Artwork: Bostick, Charlene
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Third Coast Publishers LLP
Edition: 1ST edition (2011)
Language: English
Cover Price: $12.95
ISBN-13: 978-0-9829498-4-9

Other authors had this to say about Rebels of Theta:

Rebels of Theta by Vickie Adair, book one of the Gods of Arth Trilogy, is a mind-blowing (and mind-touching!!) work of art, which will have you holding your breath from the first page to the last. You’ll feel a bond with the peaceful Thetans and share in their joy, their suffering, and also their loss. This amazing tale of a handful of men, women, and children overcoming incredible
adversity for the right to be treated as people, not savages, is truly heartwarming.

Lun Kikogne, author of Wars of Times

In Rebels of Theta, Vickie Adair delivers a great read, imaginative and fast-paced! Adair has woven a compelling story around the great question of “faith” and how tightly or loosely tied to it our evolution is. She sets up a triangle of opposing forces: the so-called gods, the liars, and the
innocents. These forces wrestle with the inevitable events that accompany humanity’s innate desire to evolve: political unrest, religious doubt, and war.

Kristina Mercier, author of An Agreement with Love

Vickie Adair has mastered the fear of a realistic future dystopian existence for human beings with her Science Fiction debut, Rebels of Theta. Oppression is certain. Fear is certain. The only points debatable are where trust is loyal and if your prayers can be heard in this captivating page-turning novel. You will feel the emotions of life and death as the fate of the Thetans knots
your stomach until the very last sentence.

Michelle Anderson Picarella, author of Livian

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The paperback version of Rebels of Theta is available to pre-order from 3rd Coast Publishing for $9.95 US.