#Scotland 2015 Day 3 – Oban to Inverness

#Scotland 2015 – Sept 13, 2015

This morning we were greeted with blue sky and a rainbow – a vast improvement over yesterday’s pouring rain.

view from our room at High Cliff

The first leg of our journey was from Oban to Glenfinnan – the monument and the viaduct.

Our Vauxhall Astra Estate in a layby along Loch Linnhe
The Glenfinnan Monument commemorating the last Jacobite Rising

At one time we were members of the National Trust for Scotland which gave us free entry to their properties but we let it lapse when my mum got sick and it looked like we wouldn’t be travelling abroad for quite some time. We could have climbed to the top of the monument for a fee but seeing it and Loch Shiel were more than enough.

Loch Shiel

The other thing we wanted to do in the area was walk under the Glenfinnan Viaduct. In 2013, we took the Jacobite Steam Train from Fort William to Mallaig over this amazing structure so it only seemed fitting that we saw it from a different perspective.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

As impressive as the viaduct is when you ride the train over it, it’s even more so from below.  The stone masons who built this huge structure were skilled to the “nth” degree.

However, as much as we were captivated by this area, we had to carry on to Inverness.

Our next stop en-route was the Commando Monument near Spean Bridge. This has been erected adjacent to the main A82 road to Inverness.

The Commando Monument erected in memory of the men who died during WWII
scenery near the Commando Monument

At this point, we knew we weren’t going to make our anticipated check-in time at Acorn House in Inverness so we called there and pushed our arrival time back to 17:00 and passed on the side trip out to the Witch’s Cauldron.

We made it to Acorn House well in advance of our revised time and were given a warm welcome.

Our room at Acorn House
Our room at Acorn House

Once settled in our lovely room, we set out in search of supper. I had seen Indian food on google maps and we found a wonderful place in the city, well withing walking distance of the Guest House.

The atmosphere at Rajah was excellent as was the food, service and price. Highly recommended place to go for an authentic meal.

Well fed and content, we made our way back to the guest house and settled in for the night.

4 thoughts on “#Scotland 2015 Day 3 – Oban to Inverness”

  1. The room at the Acorn was spectacular! Amazing photo’s, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the photos. The Witch’s Cauldron is very apropos! The WW II memorial is in a lovely spot. I want to sleep in the bed at Acorn House at least for one night!

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