Day 1 of the lead-up to cover reveal #sweetromance

Today is Day 1 of the lead-up to the cover reveal of It Happened at Percé Rock, book 3 in my It Happened series of sweet romances.

As you can see from the countdown timer on the sidebar, the launch of Book 3 in my It Happened series is quickly approaching. Today on Day 1 of the lead-up, I’m sharing a teaser of the cover. A short time ago, I didn’t think this book would ever see the light of day.

My mojo left the building. Part of it was pandemic-related; the other my characters were miffed and not speaking to me because I shuffled this book to the third position in the series.

Well, I had to when I left the first book on a cliffhanger.

Day 1 of the lead-up

Yes, I know. I’m a tease. Each day this week, a bit more of the It Happened at Percé Rock cover will be revealed until next  Sunday when the cover reveal tour begins.

Each day, there will be a giveaway for either a .mobi (Kindle) or .epub (kobo or other ebooks) version of the book. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Day 1 of the lead-up

Here’s what it’s about …

Beaches meets Born on the 4th of July

When Melissa Scott flees to the village of Percé, she’s determined to leave her painful memories behind her.

Gareth Young, a soldier with the Canadian Forces, never got over losing his friend in the war in Afghanistan. Nowadays, he’s happier in his own company than that of others, until she enters his life.

Despite her recent breakup and knowing rebound relationships don’t work, Melissa falls head over feet for the handsome military man, only to discover he comes with enough baggage to fill an army cargo plane.

Will the couple be able to work through their issues and achieve a happy ending together?

Early readers’ comments on It Happened at Percé Rock

A book with so many twists and turns, with an ending that left me all warm inside.

After reading, I desperately wanted to visit Perce Rock in Canada!

The story is a powerful reminder that just as in real life, the characters reap what they sow.

Good things come to those who do good. Those who don’t are rewarded in kind.

You can preorder your copy of It Happened at Percé Rock here for the low price of 99c/99p.




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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Joan. I’m hoping that these daily snippets help generate interest in the book before the cover reveal tour starts on May 16th.

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