My Kansas Adventure Photos!

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s about time you posted pictures. So here you go folks, and not necessarily in any order!

one of the boxes of my books

Ah, one of three boxes of my author copies. Even before I cracked open the box, I held one copy that my publisher had in her stuff that she wanted me to sign. Anyway, you should have seen the Canada Customs guy’s look when I declared them and the ones I bought.
Me: I bought some books.
Him: $700?
Me: Also have the author copies of my novel.
Him: smiled and stamped my declaration form.

the venue at the Kansas History Museum

We were in the large double tent in the middle of the photo. This picture was taken on the advance scouting mission that Carla and I went on Friday afternoon.

Author Galand Nuchols, my editor Carla Ralston, author Jacque Graham and me

My book is in the top of the rack on the right. It’s also displayed on an easel in a more prominent position… see here.

the adult and YA titles. A Shadow in the Past is on the right

I thought the best feeling I ever had was holding my book for the first time. It still remains special but I think my first sale was even more special.

my first sale – photo by Vivian Zabel

What a rush selling my first book! I can’t put the feeling of euphoria into words. Then I went on and sold 6 more!

chatting up a buyer and her hubby who gives the thumbs up for the purchase – photo by Vivian Zabel
Janet Brown, me, and Galund Nuchols with our books that debuted at the Kansas Book Festival

Here I am with my editor, Carla. We had such a good time working on A Shadow in the Past. There were times that we both thought we shared the same brain we had such a great connection.

Carla and me … and I’m wearing my “ruby slippers”

Even with the fun as I had in Kansas, memories I’ll cherish forever, as Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz – there’s no place like home.

Now I’m looking towards the launch in my hometown on September 22nd.


18 thoughts on “My Kansas Adventure Photos!”

  1. The festival was a lot of fun, Gilli. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of hard work. The memory of that first sale will always be with me.

  2. U R looking gorgious Melanie !! Hearty Congratulations to U ! It must have been a very good feeling holding ur first book in ur hands. Thats great !! Keep going !!

  3. Congratulations, Melanie! Looks and sounds like you had a fab time. Lovely, shiny ruby slippers too! Your books look wonderful and the customs guy’s reaction did make me smile. Wishing you loads more success.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Janet. It was a fun weekend, wasn’t it. Hopefully, we’ll all get the chance get together and do it again.

  5. Oh Melanie- those ruby slippers! You really are skipping along your golden path and it’s wonderful to see your lovely book in print! I’m sure those copies will fly out the door – huge congratulations!

  6. Thanks Linn! Skipping? Floating down my golden path more like. I don’t think my feet have touched the ground since I boarded that first plane last Friday.

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