The creative juices are flowing

I have to admit, I’m not the most conscientious person when it comes to writing something on my blog every day. Mind you, I can say the same for writing anything every day. I’m excluding work because there are a certain number of things I must document on a daily basis. I’m talking about creative writing. Using my imagination. There are times when my creative thinking comes in fits and starts and other times when it doesn’t come at all.

But I did manage to get some scenes revised… plot bunnies corralled and such from earlier chapters of my novel. That might sound like revising to some but in order to do it, I had a lot of “new” writing in there. And I’ve got some ideas percolating for another scene I have to write for further along.

I thought when I wrote the manuscript for my second novel – The Anniversary – I was weird because I wrote it as it came to me. If a scene presented itself, I wrote it and worried about how and where it was going later on. However, after attending the workshop a little over a week ago, I found I’m not so strange after all. That was one of the things mentioned to keep you motivated. Don’t try to write linear. If an idea comes to you, get it down and worry about the small stuff later.

Something else that was mentioned is when you have those noctural inspirations, rather than try to write them on paper which you’d never be able to read come morning (especially if you tried writing in the dark), write your thoughts in the air. Supposedly, this will help keep it in your head. Unfortunately, since then I’ve not had a good nocturnal brainwave to be able to test this theory on.

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