The disappearing scene additions…

I’m absolutely certain I added to a scene in the earlier chapters of my novel but when I went back to read that particular segment over, the additions weren’t there. So I thought I’d opened the wrong version of the file. Whenever I work on it for a while, I save it as a new file and include the current date in the filename. So I checked a couple of other earlier versions and what I was looking for wasn’t there either. Then I thought, well maybe it wasn’t in the scene I thought it was so I took all my smaller files (3 chapters in length) and combined them into one, saved the new file with a new name and today’s date then did a search on one of the characters who was in that particular scene.

I think the gremlins have been afoot because it wasn’t anywhere to be found yet I distinctly remember writing it. I don’t get it…

I know we writers sometimes hear voices in our heads, was that all this was or did I really do it and have managed to delete it? I know when I type on my laptop, I can sometimes end up doing some pretty bizarre things when I accidentally hit the onboard mouse.

Either that or one of my noctural inspirations was so realistic, I truly believed I’d written it. I just know the original scene was extremely short and I needed to add to it.

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