If you could travel back in time…

Time Travel – If you could travel back in time… what era would you like to visit?

Since A Shadow in the Past is a time travel novel, it’s only fitting that the theme for my e-book launch splash on August 4th is what era would you most like to visit if you could travel back through time. blog party button

A Shadow in the Past is on these lists at Goodreads:

2013 Summer Reads
Young Adult Romance
2012 Debut Authors Young Adult and Middle Grade
Young Adult Novels by Goodreads Authors
Teen Historical Fiction

Stop by and cast your vote in one or all of the lists mentioned above and launch A Shadow in the Past to the #1 slot – create even more buzz for e-launch day.

So put your thinking caps on and be ready to reveal your answers in the comments here on launch day. You could win book swag:

a shadow in the past ebook postcard fronta shadow in the past postcard backa shadow in the past postcard fronta shadow in the past postcard backa shadow in the past bookmarkor a 2014 A Shadow in the Past wall calendar:

a shadow in the past 2014 calendarGood luck to everyone who enters!

6 thoughts on “If you could travel back in time…”

  1. If I could time travel, hmm, it would have to be Regency England because I write that era. Must admit I’d only go if I had a way back before I needed a dentist or a doctor. It needs to said I want to go back as wealthy, not poor in a slum. And I’d have to make sure I had all my shots first. On second thoughts, can I just stay home and write?

    I enjoyed your book, Melanie. Time travel is scary and fascinating.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Maggie! Thrilled that you enjoyed my book, too.

    You’ll have to pop back over next Sunday and copy your comment into the ‘party day’ post. You were a week too early 😉

  3. It’s not fair that I only get one trip but if you force me to choose, it would be the beginning of the Bronze Age to find out how they thought of the idea of making the stuff. Nothing in previous cultures seemed to suggest that melting rocks would produce metal stuff so how did it happen? Not very romantic, I know, but totally fascinating. I hope the launch goes well, Melanie. I’m sure it will.

  4. You’re right, Bill. It is fascinating. Did someone wake up one day and say ‘let’s melt some rocks and see what happens?’

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