Sunday’s progress

Well after getting up early this morning, seeing the snow removal grader get stuck and generally wasting time with assorted other Internet activities and mundane chores like laundry, I managed 1243 words on my manuscript. Yeah!!!

Thought I’d seen everything… until this morning

This morning, the grader that was out to do snow removal slid got stuck on our street on the hill. It was hilarious to watch the       operator trying to back up and get free.

Unfortunately, by the time I ran in the house and grabbed my BlackBerry, it was unstuck and off on its merry way. And since I was in my pyjamas, I couldn’t stay outside too long.

If you look closely, you can see the blades to the right of the vehicles parked on the street.

A little bit of entertainment for an otherwise nasty day weather-wise.


Snowy Sunday morning

It’s snowing and blowing here this morning. Should make for interesting walking/driving out there. Yesterday, it poured rain all day and then in the evening it changed to freezing rain. I don’t know what time it started to snow, only that it was doing it when I got up about 6:00 to put the alarm dog out. Every now and then, it blows so hard I can barely see across the street.