Night Watcher Review – now posted on Quick Brown Fox

My review of Chris Longmuir’s book is now up on Brian Henry’s Quick Brown Fox blog. Check it out at>

Since the review was submitted to Brian for inclusion, Chris’s book is also available at Smashwords for download for a variety of other platforms in addition to the Kindle for $3.99 US.
You can check it out at

Secrets of a Page-Turner Workshop

Yesterday’s Brian Henry workshop was fantastic! As with all the other workshops I’ve attended, this one sent me away energized and ready to write. The amount of information given never leave you feeling overloaded or overwhelmed. Brian has a way of entertaining while teaching.

I’m looking forward to his next workshop that I’m registered for on April 10th.

Woo Hoo!!!

The dreaded wonky “S”

Not sure what’s the root cause of it, but the “S” key on my laptop has been wonky of late, to say the least. Right now it seems to be working fine but when you’re working away on a “particularly gripping” segment, having to go back and add “s” every time it doesn’t appear where it should becomes extremely frustrating, not to mention by the time you get the missing letters added, your train of thought as been derailed. Sometimes, it’s so bad that even when you go back and read from the beginning of the passage you never get back on track. Your vision of the perfect scene is up in a poof of smoke… or a wonky “s”.