Our nightly ritual…

Every night before heading off to bed, we barricade the couch to keep the dog off it. It’s not just the hair but he licks himself and it and leaves huge wet spots. We used to put a couple of chairs up on it every night but over the holidays we needed said chairs in the kitchen. And the two chairs played host to two of my stuffed animals. That meant we needed a new way to keep the dog off the couch and this is our solution!

The couch is bear-icaded

And yes, he in the middle is one of the Kodak Colorkins. He’s been around since my son was small (he’s now in his 30s.) He won him when he was a young lad. I still remember driving home from the Camera Centre with Klakki riding shotgun, belted into the seatbelt, naturally.

The dog doesn’t bother with them (yet) so they’re a good way to keep him off the couch and except for Klakki are lightweight making them easy to put up and take down.

And this really isn’t just a nightly ritual, it’s anytime we’re away and the dog is alone. Currently, during those times he ends up wearing his cone, too, so that he doesn’t scratch his ear that was recently operated on.