Readers’ Corner interview for TV Cogeco

Yesterday morning, fellow Writers’ Ink member, Joe Mossman, and I had the honour of being interviewed for our cable television’s local program, Readers’ Corner.

Joe Mossman, myself and host of Readers' Corner, Doreen Barnes

Doreen immediately put us at ease, although I must admit that I wasn’t the least bit nervous beforehand. The comfortable surroundings of the library at The Wedgewood Retirement Resort. This is the same venue where I plan on holding my book launch except I’ll be in the media room across the hall.

We talked about our group, Writers’ Ink, when it came to be, what we each got from it, how the meetings are structured, when/where/how often they’re held, etc. Then Doreen asked me about my novel. That would take an entire program on its own so unfortunately, she had to cut me off but we are going to do a program together after my book comes out so I have that to look forward to.

Once the link to our interview is available, I’ll post it here, so check back often. I’ll also post it on Facebook and Twitter.