Re-Launch of The Black Banner by author Helen Hart

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The Black Banner by Helen Hart

‘Gold and Glory!’ The pirates took up the chant. ‘Gold and Glory! Gold and Glory!’ Instantly our men surged from their hiding places, weapons primed… Between snatches of smoke and billowing sulphurous fumes I caught glimpses of fighting… Musket shot whistled through the air and splintered the deck timbers. A dozen pirates became two dozen, and then three as Logan’s men massed on the deck…

1719, and the high seas are plagued by the lawless. Pirates rule the crystal waters of the Caribbean, hunting heavily-laden merchant ships with savage ferocity. Entire crews are condemned to die beneath a cutlass blade unless they swear allegiance to the black banner.

Penniless Becky Baxter (13) is determined to escape a life of poverty. Cropping her hair and dressing in breeches, Becky leaves the backstreets of Bristol far behind to embark on a new life of adventure and fortune on the high seas. But when the ship she’s sailing on is captured by pirates, Becky faces a stark choice: join the pirates, or pay with her life…

Publisher: SilverWood Originals (an imprint of SilverWood Books)
Length: 240 pages
Language: English
Print: ISBN 978-1-906236-46-5

Amazon (UK) paperback (buy): for £7.99
Amazon (UK) Kindle (buy): for £3.58
Amazon (US) paperback (buy): for $14.00
Amazon (US) Kindle (buy): for $5.00
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