Remember a few years ago, I took my debut novel, A Shadow in the Past, to Scotland and photographed it in various locations? Clues to the book’s whereabouts were in the blog posts? The game back then was Seeking Sarah Shand. Well, now it’s time to play again, but this time it’s

Searching for Serenity!


Are you ready to play?

searching for serenity

Here’s a good look at the cover because, in some of the photos, it’s a bit small to get a proper perspective on the area.

Dufferin Terrace is a beautiful boardwalk between the Hotel Château Frontenac and the St. Lawrence River. The Lower Town portion of Vieux-Québec is below.

If you continue away from the hotel towards La Citadelle, you walk along what is known as Promenade des Gouvernours. In this direction, you’ll climb far more stairs than if you start at the Plains of Abraham on the other side of the fortress. I’ve walked it in both directions, and much prefer starting at the battlefield.

searching for serenity

Here she is. Do you know where?  Leave your answer in the comments. I’ll keep track, and at the end, someone will be named the winner.

Good luck. On your mark, get set, guess!