Late Summer Finale of SEARCHING FOR SERENITY #game #fun

It’s the summer finale of the fun game, Searching for Serenity. Today’s episode starts and ends at the Château Frontenac. All of the locations are places Serenity walked during her time in Vieux-Québec while on the jonathans assignment.

summer finale

We’re down in the lower town now. Something significant happens here in the book but in winter. Any ideas?

summer finale

Back up the steep hill(s). This city’s wall lines one side of this street, which is named for the fortifications.

Further down the street, a pair of cannons stands guard.

Near the other end of the wall, which at this particular street, the gate (or port) has been removed. This park is bisected by Rue Richelieu.

And lastly, we’re making our way back to the Château Frontenac. This tree has something unique in its roots. Look closely, and you’ll see a cannonball. This is one of my favourite spots and on every trip to the city, I take a picture.

Think you know where the pictures were taken? Leave your guesses in the comments.

If you missed the first two episodes, you can catch up.

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And to help you out with the area, here’s a map of the old city.

Good luck and have fun!