Dying scanner

I think my scanner is dying. It’s flashing a red light… not a good thing… You can unplug it and plug it back in and briefly get the green light and the scanner initializes but almost as quickly, it goes back to the flashing red light.

Wonder if it’s jealous because I got a new front loading wash machine AND a new car?


Wordsearch puzzle

I created and uploaded a word search puzzle to my website last night. 56 words in total. I’d created one before as a test but made a mistake by putting a space in between words which doesn’t work and I couldn’t delete it afterwards. It’s really difficult to type a two-word clue and not hit the space bar between the words.

Click on the first letter, drag the mouse across to the last letter and click again. If you’re right, the letters will highlight in green and the word will be crossed out on the list below. If you’re wrong, the word will highlight in red. Like the jigsaws, it’s not linked to the website right now but it can be accessed at…


The words/letters in the puzzle itself aren’t circled but this is the best word search puzzle generator I’ve found so far.

Good luck! Please leave a comment letting me know what your thoughts are.