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My publisher, 4RV Publishing, was recently awarded the prestigious Best of Edmond Awards in the Book Publishers category! How exciting is that?

Digital award Best of Edmond 2012CDBW-QN5A-U9BB

I am so happy to say that I’m a member of the family because that’s what we are from every level within the company. We care about each other and support each other. You don’t get that at every publishing house.

So as Stuart McLean says about Dave’s record store on the Vinyl Cafe, “we may not be big, but we’re small”. There’s nothing wrong with that, don’t you think?

I’m in Texas with fellow 4RV Publishing author, Janet K Brown

Fellow 4RV Publishing author Janet K Brown hosts me today over at her blog.

I met Janet last year at the Kansas Book Festival where we both had novels making their debut.

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Authorly chat with @4RV author @janetkbrowntx @RobertsoKing talks about her publication journey and heritage.

Today I’m Michelle Betham’s guest on her Meet the Author Feature. I’d love it if you dropped by her blog and left a comment.

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Meet the author – @RobertsoKing talks about her writing inspiration with @michellebetham #shadowpast #4RV #lahe #readers

Meet the author – @RobertsoKing talks about her writing inspiration with @michellebetham #shadowpast #4RV #FFP #readers

I’m over at YA Author, Suzy Turner’s blog today…

Christmas Eve and I’ve flown to Portugal to meet up with YA and fellow Famous Five Plus author, Suzy Turner. Why not pop over to Suzy’s blog and see what we’re talking about?

But don’t lag about or you’ll miss the interview and won’t be home in time for Santa to come.

If you’re feeling so inclined, here are a couple of tweets:

YA author @suzy_turner talks to debut YA author @RobertsoKing over at Drop on by. #FFP #lahe

Debut YA author @RobertsoKing stops by to chat with @suzy_turner to talk about writing and other things #lahe #FFP

Today is the 200th anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy Tales


Remember those fantastic stories we grew up with? Listening to our parents read them to us and then when we were old enough to read, reading them ourselves?

Snow White

Hansel and Gretel




Snow White and Rose Red

There were many others but these were among my favourites as a child. What were yours?



A Christmas Kindness Book Blast

Celtic Connexions is thrilled to host fellow 4RV author, Cheryl Malandrinos (writing as C. C. Gevry) to celebrate her A Christmas Kindness Book Blast.

Christmas-Kindness-book-blastA Christmas Kindness by C. C. Gevry

cover wrap.inddEight-year-old Robert is eager to share his wish list with Santa at the mall on Christmas Eve. When he meets Glenn, who has only one request for Santa, Robert is confused over what he should do. Can he cast aside what he wants and ask Santa to bring his new friend a special gift?

Inspiration Behind A Christmas Kindness

How is it that children have the ability to reach out and help others in ways adults don’t always think to do?

One year, our oldest daughter–then only eight–went door-to-door in our neighborhood collecting money for Toys for Tots. Coordinated by the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve, this program collects new, unwrapped toys each year and distributes them as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in our communities. This summer, my girls ran a lemonade stand so they could bring money to a local animal shelter.

Why don’t I think of doing such things? I guess it’s easier to write a check and send it in the mail. But what effort is involved in that? My children make it personal, and much more meaningful, by giving something of themselves.

With A Christmas Kindness, I hope to capture the generosity of a child’s heart–the way they look at the world as a place of endless opportunities to make a difference.

May you be blessed this holiday season.

Cheryl MalandrinosCheryl Malandrinos, writing as C. C. Gevry, is a children’s author and editor. She is a member of SCBWI. A Christmas Kindness is her first book with 4RV Publishing. Visit her online at

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A Christmas Kindness Book Blast Schedule

Monday, December 17

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Book Signing…

From 1:00-3:00 this afternoon, I’ll be signing copies of my debut novel, A Shadow in the Past, at all about booksAll About Books Internet Cafe, 126 King St East, Gananoque, Ontario, K7G 1G3.

The weather man has promised us good weather for the entire day.

This will be a great time to wrap up your Christmas shopping for the avid reader on your list and can your copy personalized for that special someone.

My novel's cover created by Aidana WillowRaven
My novel’s cover created by Aidana WillowRaven

Nineteen-year-old Sarah Shand finds herself thrust back into the past. There she struggles to keep her real identity from a society that finds her comments and ideas strange and her speech and actions forward, unlike Victorian women. When Sarah verbally confronts confining social practices, including arranged marriages, powerful enemies commit her to a lunatic asylum. After falling in love with the handsome Laird of Weetshill, Robert Robertson, she must decide whether to find her way back to her own time or to remain in the past with him.

Hope to see you this afternoon! You’ll recognize me because I’ll be the one wielding the silver sharpie behind the stack of books 😉


Liebster Award

Thank you to Irish author, Joanne Clancy, for awarding me this. Joanne is the author of The Unfaithful Series; Unfaithfully Yours and Revenge, The Secrets and Lies Trilogy; Secrets and Lies, Aftermath, Redemption and The Wedding Day, Unforgettable Embrace and My Love. The third book in her Unfaithful series, Web of Deceit, will be available in January 2013. You can visit her amazon author page here.

The Liebster Award is an award for up and coming bloggers with less than two hundred followers so you can imagine how chuffed I was when Joanne nominated me.

Instructions for Nominees:

Post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

Pass the award onto 11 other blogs and notify each blogger that you have nominated them.

Write up 11 NEW questions directed towards YOUR nominees. (Do not nominate the blog who nominated you!)

Paste the award picture into your blog.

Random facts about me:

  1. I love to travel, especially to Scotland.
  2. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate.
  3. I’m an avid reader and am happiest when I have my face stuck in a book – physical or e-book.
  4. My debut novel, A Shadow in the Past, was released in September 2012.
  5. I love to nap on the sofa.
  6. My Scottish heritage is extremely important to me.
  7. I’ve been writing off and on since I was a teenager (although lately, more on than off).
  8. I love my morning coffee.
  9. I’m addicted to Coronation Street.
  10. After fighting it for a long time, I finally got on Facebook earlier this year.
  11. I collect stuffed animals.

Joanne’s questions for me:

  1. What’s your favourite book and why? My all time favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The conflicts between the races in the deep south during the time before desegregation were coming to an end when I was born, but the idea of a white lawyer defending a black man back in those days was unheard of. I applaud Harper Lee for writing a novel on such a controversial subject.
  2. Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? Not so much anymore but when I was younger, I used to dream about a road that disappeared over a hill behind a house. It terrified me back then.
  3. Do you believe in life after death? Yes.
  4. What do you like or dislike most about Christmas? Dislike – Shopping and the hassles that go along with it. Like – all the classic Christmas movies and spending time with family.
  5. Why do you blog? I love to talk about my Scottish heritage, my writing and showcase up and coming authors.
  6. What inspires you? Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River that I love so close to.
  7. What is your top health tip? Don’t stay glued to your desk and chair all day. Get up and move around. Your eyes, wrists and butt will thank you for it – not to mention your heart.
  8. What is your top beauty tip? Be yourself and be comfortable with who you are. Real beauty is below the surface.
  9. What’s the best book you’ve read in 2012 and why? I’ve read a lot of books in 2012 so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. I would have to say it was Saving Max by Antoinette van Heugton. I loved the lengths the mother went to in order to prove her autistic son is innocent of murder. There were also elements in the story that rang really close to home.
  10. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Coming out of the ladies with my skirt tucked up inside my pulled up pantyhose.
  11. What’s your guilty pleasure? Guilty implies that I sneak it but I do love red wine – but I’m very open about it.

My questions for my nominees:

  1. Who is your favourite author?
  2. What is the best book you’ve ever read?
  3. What is your favourite travel destination?
  4. If you had a choice to visit any country in the world that you’ve never visited before, which one would it be?
  5. Books or movies – which do you prefer?
  6. What is your favourite food?
  7. Do you have a favourite hobby?
  8. Sitcoms or dramas? Which do you prefer?
  9. Do you have an all-time favourite movie?
  10. iPhone or Blackberry?
  11. What are you most afraid of?

And finally – drum roll, please – my list of nominees:

Miriam Wakerly
Pauline Barclay’s Scribbles blog
Chris Longmuir
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