In for the Night

Well after making it home safe and sound, I’m cocooned in my favourite long sweater, slippers (hey wait…, I was taking pictures outdoors this morning in the same gear) with a Manhattan by my side.

Two transports (or lorries if you prefer) were jacknifed in the median on the way home. One of them was there this morning on the way to work andthe other was right there right behind him on the way home.


Wild Weather…

When you see the photos in this blog post, you’ll understand my comment in Groundhog Day where I said no self-respecting groundhog would venture out of his hole.

winter storm - Feb 2, 2011
Outside the back door this morning
winter storm - Feb 2, 2011
Outside the back door
Winter storm - Feb 2, 2011
Looking up my street around 7:15 this morning
Winter storm - Feb 2, 2011
Home safe and sound and tucked into the garage. Tight squeeze eh?
Winter storm - Feb 2, 2011
The wee abode
Winter storm - Feb 2, 2011
Same view as this morning but much better visibility shortly after 5:00 pm

Groundhog Day

Hopefully, not the movie. Don’t need this day repeating itself over and over and over again. We’re in the midst of a major blizzard here today. No self-respecting groundhog would want to stick his head out of his hole this morning. And if he/she did, all that would be seen would be white… snow falling… snow blowing… just snow.