Alternate Titles for Sarah’s Gift

Last September when I pitched to an agent (unsuccessfully), she told me my story sounded fun but that the title didn’t do it justice. Well, since it began its life as a short story about ten/eleven years ago, it’s always been known as Sarah’s Gift.

Here is a list of alternate ideas suggested by writers in the groups I belong to. So, how about some input as to which one(s) you like the best? A contest if you will, to determine the title for my first novel.

Weetshill Revisited
Dreams and Consequences
Reality or Make Believe
Lost in Time
Time Lost
Yearning for Home
To Dream of Love
The Lady of Weetshill
A Time of Splendour
In the Eye of the Beholder
Smoke and Mirrors
Fast Falls the Eventide
Deja Vu
Perception of Reality
Perchance to Dream
Paradise Postponed
Tread Softly on Dreams
Dreams of Desire
Flickering Shadows
Rendezvouz with Destiny
Lost Bride
Lost in Time
Sarah’s Journey
The Reluctant Bride
The Time-Travel Bride
A Dangerous Proposal
Weetshill Manor
The Winds of Weetshill
Moonlight at Weetshill
The Craigs of Aberdeen
The Girl of Weetshill Manor
Moonlight over Aberdeenshire
Sarah of the Hills
Sarah of Aberdeen

Yesterday’s writing

At one point yesterday, I got up to 92509 words! That was an increase of 600 from where I left off on Saturday. But then… I deleted a bunch so my final word count when I finished yesterday was back down to 92360 for a net increase of 451.

I knew with the direction this revision is going in, I’d be deleting quite a few words… paragraphs… scenes… pages… chapters… so it’s going to get harder to keep track of exactly what I’ve written. I’ll figure something out.