Great Day on the Writing Front

In addition to the 800 words I wrote in a separate file yesterday (and now merged into the main manuscript file), I’ve added another 702, give or take. I deleted some but added more but overall my word count is up 1502 from the last time I recorded my progress here when I believe I was at 92360. Words in… words out… not huge numbers but enough. Anyway, I’m sitting at 93877 right now. Yesterday, during my writing date, I added some words to the original manuscript before moving on to start a separate file.

Now it’s time for a major purge. So we’ll see where I end up. Not sure yet how many words will vanish but it will be a good chunk. Hopefully, I’ll still be in a plus situation but I have my doubts.

But it’s the new words that count not the ones I delete, right?