Better pictures of my new bling…

I tried again tonight  before starting supper with the bling in a ring box so I could put some more distance between me and it. I also took the pictures (again with my BlackBerry) in a better lit room so the flash didn’t go off.

Here are the “new and improved” pictures.

Mystic Fire Topaz

Mystic Fire Topaz

Not hard to tell that the photos were taken in a room under fluorescent light. I had the ring box in two different locations in the room trying to stay out of the glare of the lights but the colour of the first photograph is better.

Now I need to get down to working on my manuscript.

Word Count…

As I said last night, I had a dyslexic moment when I recorded my last word count the other night. I had written down 91542 words. You can imagine my dismay when I opened the document last night and it only read 91452. The only good thing is, it makes my efforts from last night look more impressive. When I called it quits last night with a fried brain, my word count was 91619. Still not as many words as I’ve been able to peel off in some nights and I didn’t get to the scene that I intended working on but I’m getting there.

I decided to work my way to it rather than jump to it and have to go back and make sure my ducks were in a row, the plot bunnies lassoed etc.

New Bling

Okay the picture didn’t turn out the greatest but it’s a mystic fire topaz in a sterling silver setting. Will try to get a better picture later.

New Bling

Maybe take one with it in a ring box.