Another Dump

We got another dumping of snow last night. Not sure what time it started but had stopped when I was up with the dog around 3:00 this morning. Poor wee beggar’s ears are bothering him again. So get up with him, let him outside, medicate his ears and him when he came back in. He finally settled about 45 minutes later once the drugs kicked in.

Back to the snow. About six inches of the white stuff during this latest dump. Here are a couple of photos I took this morning with my BlackBerry. And lik the last time, I was out taking them in my PJs, slippers and sweater.

snow covered garden shed - Feb 6, 2011
Same view as the other day without snow blowing at me
Backyard trees - Feb 6, 2011
My spruce trees looking like they've got great dollops of whipped cream on their branches