Inspiration – it came… and it went

After going along smoothly, the words flowing out of my fingers, I’ve found myself grinding to a halt again. I had to stop and check a few details and formulate how I would work them in to my writing. Simple things, really… what train would my hero take from the nearby train station into Aberdeen? And once I got him to the city, what time would he leave? Minor details perhaps, but details that need to be accounted for.

One more wordsearch puzzle has been added

For those of you who are addicted to these, I’ve managed to add yet one more to my “fun stuff” page. This one is Cities, Towns & Villages in Scotland.

You can test your skill at http:ww…

Hmmm… wonder if maybe a counter on the wordsearch puzzles that would start at the first click of the mouse might add to the fun? Or at very least the competitiveness… What are your thoughts on that?

New Wordsearch puzzles

I’ve created three new wordsearch puzzles and have uploaded them to the “funstuff” link on my website. I’ve added Scottish Castles, Scottish Single Malt Whiskies and Glasgow Pubs. Because of the length of some of the pub names ie King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, the font size in this puzzle is extremely small. However, CTRL+ makes the text larger and therefore easier to read.

These and my other wordsearch and jigsaw puzzles can be found at

Have fun!

A eureka moment

They don’t happen often but when they do they’re usually pretty darn good. I happen to think this one is a cracker! I’ve figured out how to get Robert out of his arranged marriage to Letitia Christie so that he’s free to marry Sarah.

Not saying any more than that right now. If you want to know, you’ll have to wait until my novel is published and buy a copy so you can read it for yourself.

Ottawa Romance Writers Association presents…

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, in collaboration with Algonquin College, please join us on September 25, 2010 for Story Mastery by Michael Hauge. This day-long seminar with one of the most respected experts in the industry will help you with your story-telling abilities no matter your target audience or stage of your writing career.

Detailed information, including registration forms and fees, can be obtained at the Ottawa Romance Writer’s website…

For information on Michael Hauge, visit his website at

Hope you’ll come out and join us!

Productive Day – not writing

Yesterday turned out to be a very productive day… not on the writing front but on the “fun stuff” for my website front. Jigsaw puzzles and word search puzzles lots of them to choose from! Best of all they’re linked through the main page of my website now.

Hmm… wonder what I can get up to today that doesn’t involve writing???